Observation 4851527: UPMSat 2 (46276)

Hi guys!,
Regarding Observation 4851527 would you please have a look?..the waterfall shows two satellites: UPMSat2 at center and a second one to the right.
Please, I need advise on how to identify the second satellite, can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance & Best Regards,
Abraham - XE3ADC

First you need to find out which satellites were above the station. This will need two steps:

  1. Find which satellites transmit around this frequency(±70KHz), you can find them by checking in SatNOGS DB - Transmitters either using the Filter field or the spectrum diagram.
  2. With having the satellites(their NORAD IDs) you can use a software that tracks satellites, for example gpredict, and check which of them were above your station.

Depending on the number of the satellites you may be able to find the other satellite easily, in case you don’t or you want to confirm your findings, you can use ikhnos. Ikhnos will allow you to draw over the waterfall the different curves of the NORAD objects you are going to check.

Let us know if something is unclear or difficult on the above.

Thanks Fredy!!
I searched de satnogs-dB for satellites with frequencies between 437.335 and 437.485 and found a bunch of satellites, Using an online tracking utility I could discriminate most of them but a few satellites were not available to track, therefore I still have several satellites to be confirmed, I will try with Gpredict and other online tracking services…
Would it be fair to asume that the signal of the unknown satellite is a 9600 baud mode?,
In your opinion, which specific transmitter mode correspond to the unknown signal?
Thanks again & Best Regards
Abraham - XE3ADC

Yes it looks like it is 9k6 one.

Not very good to tell apart by the waterfall, my guess would be any of the *SK ones, like GFSK, BPSK, FSK, GMSK, but not sure which one.