Observation 4610240: FOX-1E (47311) Question about timestamps

Regarding Observation 4610240
Thanks again to the team in the Netherlands for another Fox-1E observation with their radio telescope. But I have a general question about timestamps. Is the start time on the observation page the same as the start time of the ogg recording, plus/minus a few seconds?

I ask because we synchronize the time on the spacecraft with the time that frames are received on the ground. So I want to accurately know the start time of the recording.


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Just in case and because it’s easily missed: tagging @cgbsat in this thread.

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Hi Chris,

Yes, the time linked to an observation is the start time of the observations, to within a few seconds. If you want I can try to extract more accurate timestamps from the waterfall file of which I still have a copy.


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@cgbsat: Any chance of getting another Fox-1E observation? We’d like to get data for Vanderbilt University whose on-board experiment essentially funded the launch. Thanks!

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@w2bfj The orbit has been a bit unfavorable with only night-time passes. The passes are getting better starting tomorrow, so we’ll try to get you some data.


Thank you! We appreciate your time and efforts!