Observation 4575522: QMR-KWT (99680)

Regarding Observation 4575522

@alfeeli there are two tones in this observation - barely visible but obvious when played back - just looks like an unmodulated 1KHz tone? One right at the beginning at 12 seconds, another one around 275 seconds.

Station 216 going into test mode to play with tinyGS until a splitter arrives.

@cswiger thank you so much for the note. The very short tone is part of a longer tone but for some reason the transmission gets interrupted. Normally it should be like this observation 4432062. I’m still investigating this strange behavior!

Good luck with the testing and I hope Station 216 comes back online soon :slight_smile:

@alfeeli do you have any clues about what went wrong? Did Endurosat provide any details or possible causes of failure?

@pierros I wouldn’t call it a failure. We are still in LEOP and commissioning phase :slight_smile:

I was under the impression given the observations on our Network that QMR-KWT is no longer operational. Can you provide more details please? Thanks!

@pierros I would like to start by thanking you and the entire SatNOGS operations team for establishing and maintaining such very useful global and open source network. I’m a member of SatNOGS network since 2018 and I have learned so much about amateur satellite communication from it. I myself as licensed operator (9K2OS) is very interested in gaining more knowledge from SatNOGS observations and will continue to contribute to the network with the ground station 579 (Um Alaish 4).
Regarding your request for details about QMR-KWT, please note the following:
-QMR-KWT is an amateur cubesat with an educational mission to allow students from around the world to learn about satellite technology. This free opportunity to students is called “Code in Space”. This opportunity was presented at the Open Source CubeSat Workshop last year and this year at SmallSat Virtual Conference.
-QMR-KWT is a standard 1U cubesat bus with extra OBC and UHF transceiver as payload. It is an initiative from Orbital Space to the community for building capabilities in satellite technology. Rest assure it has no commercial benefits of financial gains.
-It is unfortunate that IARU declined the coordination but this was because of misunderstanding of QMR-KWT mission. Please note that we immediately took the necessary steps to reapply for coordination when we learned about IARU decision from you. In fact we switched the audio beacon off to show our good will. This why QMR-KWT went silent and you got the impression that it is no longer operational. We believe we will get IARU coordination soon. There is no reason to think QMR-KWT has other purposes than educational amateur mission as clearly evident by the hardware and mission objectives). I should note that we are already in discussions with several amateur radio societies to organize events and activities that utilize QMR-KWT. We hope SatNOGS network and its members will support QMR-KWT mission to allow as much students as possible from around the world to learn about satellite operations and communications.

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Thanks for all the info @alfeeli !

I was checking through observations in our network and it seems that your satellite is active on and off and we are still receiving signals and packets from it. Can you please clarify a bit more the operational status of it?


(last packets were received some hours ago)

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@pierros I confirm QMR-KWT is alive and I’m communicating with it (both downlink and uplink). As I mentioned before it is still in in LEOP and commissioning phase :slight_smile: