Observation 457476: ISS (25544) ISS - SSTV reception

Regarding Observation 457476
Very weak SSTV signal at the end of the pass. Listen after 565sec.

So it should be vetted good.

I agree, this should be a “good” observation. I’ve heard that the signal strength has improved today… 18deg pass in 15 minutes.

Here’s all I got last night:

I fixed it as ‘good’. Thanks for pointing it out!

On a related note I will work on this issue asap so people can change vettings when they see errors.

Thanks for the info. Last passes today were much stronger. Signals improved.

I’m wondering if @fredy will script the decodes of images?

I’m going to… I’m near on finishing vetting and then I’ll run the script for decoding and uploading the images in each observation. After finishing I’ll write a post with statistics and coverage graphs.

I estimate this to be ready by the end of the week.


Looks like we get another try at the ISS SSTV pix over the coming weekend. I see that Fredy has already schedules most of the ISS passes on the W2MMD station; otherwise I’ll be taking over the rotator control from SatNOGS to copy the remaining passes. We’re finding that the direct audio from SDR Console is easier to decode by MMTV than the downloaded audio from SatNOGS, which is why we want to be sure that we can copy it locally.

Feel free to remove these observations and work the pass with the SDR Console. There is no problem at all. :slight_smile:

If you have any issue on removing these observations, let me know and I’ll remove them. :wink:

Not a problem. We run SDR Console and SatNOGS on different PCs with different SDRs, so the only conflict that we face is if someone programs a different satellite at the same time. In that case the rotators will follow the most recent command and will go crazy trying to track 2 satellites simultaneously. As long as you’ve programmed the ISS in SatNOGS the rotators will be aiming in the right place. If you hadn’t done it I would have to have done it!

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