Observation 4453716: FOX-1E (47311) - Rating signals good/bad

Regarding Observation 4453716

I am reviewing past signals from Fox-1E and rating them. For an observation like this one, where there is just the barest hint of a signal, do I rate as Signal or No Signal? I want to be consistent with the usual approach. There is a signal there down in the noise, so clicking “Signal” presumably helps the ground station owner because they then know their equipment is working. But the signal is much too weak to be decoded, so should it be marked bad?

Thoughts welcome and please direct me to the rating instructions if I have missed them or if I’m asking an old question again.


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If there is any evidence of the target satellite in the observation, then it should be marked as good, even if the signal is not decodable.

“The main purpose of rating observations is to know if the satellite/transmitter is alive, if it transmits in the listed frequency/ies, and if the TLEs we have are accurate.”


Ok, great. That makes sense. I rated this observation as good.


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