Observation 441349: ISS (25544) SSTV not demodulated

Regarding Observation 441349
HI all
I am trying to understand why these ISS SSTV passes have not been automatically demodulated. (well, I am not even sure if SatNogs can demodulate SSTV signals…)
Any idea? signals looks very good from the waterfall


'73 de Iw1dgg

No SSTV demodulator.

Just to add that in the previous ISS SSTV events I’ve decoded automatically and uploaded massively the images after the event. I’m going to do it for this event too.

Understood, thanks. Is there any future plan to add anything with such function?

As far as I know there aren’t plans for the near future to implement an SSTV decoder in gr-satnogs.

I’ve opened this issue in order to track the need for such a decoder.