Observation 4392805: CubeBel-1 (43666) And no DATA

Regarding Observation 4392805

Are these observations useful to you?
I think the last good observation I recorded was tracking remote to SatNOGS Network - Observation 3216178 and I’m wondering if I need to add other specific modules to get data.

Look here for last observation…


Lack of signal is information, so your observations are useful to us.
Now because of the deep discharge of the battery, the satellite works irregularly. After the battery voltage increases, I will restore the EPS settings for normal operation.


I am Happy to know that.
Don’t hesitate to use

By the way, it would be very interesting if you show us how you use DK3WN to decode the frames.


Decoder from DK3WN I use very rarely, because I use realtime automatic decoding here:

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But if you need the technology of decoding from DK3WN, let me know, I will answer.

Yes I need it to know how it work and how can I use it to decode frame.

It’s great these accomplishments!

To use the decoder from DK3WN, you first need to download the data here:
To download the data, you first need to login.

It is done. Waiting for data reception.

Among the data can contained garbage, it can be deleted in a text editor.

This link is the right one LINUX to install DK3WN ?

Here it is i think DK3WN | Amateur Radio – PEØSAT