Observation 4390752: STORK-4 (99682)

Regarding Observation 4390752

I’m wondering if the lines visible in the bottom can be STORK’s signals - if yes, the TLE in SatNOGS is probably for the wrong object from this launch (LauncherOne, 30th of June).

Does anyone know if any of the object from this launch was already identified? On CELESTRAK they are still descibed with numbers (2021-058A, 2021-058B etc.)

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Thanks for point this out. Checking with ikhnos none of the TLE sets from this launch fit this signal, so it is either terrestrial or from other satellite. I’ve vetted the waterfall as “without signal”.

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Thank you! So - still waiting for STORKs :slight_smile:

To be honest after several observations without signal, I think that we either have the wrong frequency or the satellites don’t transmit at least not at regular interval.