Observation 4176708: CP8 (39471)

Regarding Observation 4176708

Hi, is this a possible telemetry from the satellite or some noise/adjacent satellite?
Signal is drifting so I can’t yet ynderstand what causes it and if that is coming from the very sat.

Thanks for having a look.

I’ve changed the waterfall vetting to “No signal” as the signal is not from CP8. As the observation duration is short I could not say for sure if this is terrestrial signal or from another satellite, but as it drifts is definitely not CP8.

After some days of experimentation I see now that when there is a tangent type of plot on the waterfall it is the signal from other source than observed satellite.
I understand this is due to Doppler shift compensation to keep interesting signal straight in y-axis. All other signal are then shifted accordingly and we see them being plotted as curved.

Is that correct?

Thanks for comments.