Observation 4151521: LILACSAT 2 (40908)

Regarding Observation 4151521 the signal looks interesting - is there a gallery of how the signals should look like for different satellites? I’ve been observing what my antenna had collected over last week and see that there are different groups of signals corresponding to different transmitters. I suppose for radio aficionados this is pretty obvious stuff, but for people who learn as they go it would be useful to have such waterfall signal zoo.

This is just local noise. You can tell as it does not appear as a straight up-down (doppler corrected) line in the waterfall.

Wait a second - so I’ve been probably mislabeling my observations - https://network.satnogs.org/observations/4151540/ - here I also don’t have straight up-down line - is it also the local noise?

Do I understand it correctly - those waterfalls are doppler corrected? So anything which looks like some up-down sigmoid is my local noise? In hindsight it would make perfect sense, but that means I was labeling everything with any line as observation - I’m gonna need to sift through all that mess now.

And its in the docs as well:

Note that the tangent-shaped lines are local noise

Just as an FYI - I’m not sure that LilacSat-2 ever functioned in the 144.39 and 145.825 frequencies. It’s pretty active in the TLM and FM downlink transmitters, though.

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Exactly! Take a look in this wiki page that has also examples.