Observation 413236: METEOR-M 2 (40069)

Regarding Observation 413236

Hi, I have seen other ground station observations for the M2 and mine looks a little different. On mine it looks like the signal is stretched in the waterfall image where on others I see the M2 signal in the center. How can I fix that, I havent seen my GS decode the M2 and know my setup can get a good signal using other methods.

SatNOGS does not have an LRPT demodulator yet, to get images and a waterfall image with a bandwidth large enough to contain the full signal you have to add a LRPT demodulator and processor manually. The stations you are referring to have done that.

There are some instructions on how to do it here:

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I am getting stuck when executing the grcc:

grcc -d /usr/bin/ lrpt_demod.grc

linux; GNU C++ version 6.2.0 20161010; Boost_106100; UHD_003.009.005-0-unknown

Validation failed:

Block - audio_gain - Variable(variable):
Param - Value(value):
Value “satnogs.fm_demod_settings[rx_sdr_device][‘audio_gain’]” cannot be evaluated:
‘module’ object has no attribute ‘fm_demod_settings’
Error during file compilation.

UPDATE: I got everything working. This would of been a nice pass if APT didnt come ruin the party.


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Was it an issue with the current Meteor decoding flowgraph, or something else?

I did need to use a different flowgraph that was provided from someone else in this post and I had some permission issues here and there.

which flowgraph did you use? i got the same issue…