Observation 4100538: NOAA 15 (25338) (TLM and Payload Beacon?)

Regarding Observation 4100538

So this NOAA-15 transmission says its “TLM and Payload Beacon”. As mentioned by @KD9KCK (over in another of my posts about Observation 4100544: NOAA 18 (28654)), this is also a PSK signal with a “whacky baudrate”. :slight_smile:

Satnogs doesn’t seem to be able to decode it. When I search for “TLM and Payload Beacon”, the only sensible looking result I find is this:

Decoding the NOAA Weather Satellite Telemetry Beacons, which leads to Project Desert Tortoise demodulator to decode telemetry beacons from NOAA-15, NOAA-18, and NOAA-19.

Before I start testing, can anyone confirm if the signal received is the telemetry signal mentioned here?

I know NOAA-15 telem beacon has been received just never decoded. (I found one of the documents about the Telem Beacon to get the baud rate.) https://db.satnogs.org/satellite/25338#transmitters the one with the 8320 baud rate had signals received. It might be that the baud rate still isn’t right or maybe its a weird PSK format. (Like the Phase shift is not what is generally used.)

A few examples I got one the network last year when I still had an active station.


For the audio you will have to referace SatNOGS network - availability of archive.org audio observation files on older observations