Observation 4093278: AUTcube2 (43681)

Regarding Observation 4093278

The frequency has some sort of shift and i figured this would be some sort of Doppler shift but it does not seem to add up with the pass. My antenna was pointing north and so the frequency should be high at first and then fall off for the Doppler theory to make sence. Can any of you see what might cause this effect?

Also i am not really sure what the “max” is. Does it just mean that when the satellite is highest it will be at a 54 degree elevation from my position?

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The observation should be a straight line, the doppler curves that you see are other signals that are in the bandpass.

Maybe start with an observation from for example GRIFEX or SPOOQY-1 these are active satellites and I am not sure that AUTcube2 is.

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Yes, 54 degrees means that the highest position in your station’s horizon will be at 54 degrees.

Perfect. Thanks a lot!

I have also had signals that a just a straight line, but there are a few that does this frequency shift. I did a measurement of NOAA 18 that looks like


Except for the frequency shift. Are you sure it is another signal?