Observation 4083256: ELFIN-B (43616)

Regarding Observation 4083256


Today, I also had several “Failed” observations for which the waterfall was not uploaded or can be generated.

I didn’t have a network cut (I am monitoring the station with a ping) and I don’t think I had an internet cut as well.

How is it possible to find out about this problem (log? Data storage directories before sending?)

Thanks !

Hello vincent74,

If you have the log level set to DEBUG then you should be able to sift through the logs for that observation for clues. Disclaimer, I’ve only used DEBUG level of logging and have not tried the others (INFO, CRITIAL, ERROR, WARNING etc.), of which these other settings may in fact be sufficient for troubleshooting.

Check in the satnogs data directory (i.e., /tmp/.satnogs/data) to see if the observation files for 4083256 are still there. If they are then there was a network error somewhere (might have been upstream of you).

Or look at the timestamp for the satnogs data directory to see when the last time data was written there for clues.

cd /tmp/.satnogs/data
ls -la .

If the data directory hasn’t been written to recently then maybe a directory permissions error or perhaps an issue with your SDR (the device can’t be read so no data is written).

I do occasionally have to restart the satnogs clients (I have three) when they suddenly go into a cycle of FAILED observations. This usually fixes it – I don’t always dig into to see why it happened.


thank you

After verifications, no particular errors.
Maybe a crash

For troubleshooting have also this guide in mind https://wiki.satnogs.org/Troubleshooting. And always feel free to add any missing info on it. :slight_smile: