Observation 4082299: CAPE-1 (31130)

Regarding Observation 4082299

Why this observation is failed ?

Admittedly, I don’t have the desired signal, but there is indeed a recording.
It should have been classified “Unknown” then I would have indicated “Bad”
no ?

Today I had several observations in this case.


All I can think of is the waterfall and recording are only 220 seconds, yet the pass was scheduled for 9 minutes. I know that if there is a significant difference between the waterfall length and audio length, the observation is automatically vetted as “failed”. Perhaps this is true for the scheduled observation time, too (or maybe that’s the primary factor to begin with?).



Just to be 100% accurate, waterfall duration isn’t checked (hopefully will be in the new waterfall format when it comes). So, the comparison to set failed an observation is done between audio duration and scheduled duration. If the difference is more than 1min the observation’s status changes as failed because there is a good chance that something goes wrong, however if you see signal in waterfall you can vet it and turn the observation status into good.

@vincent74 if you get many of these failed observations please check the logs and see if you get several O’s, these O’s means lost samples and it is a good reason for having difference between durations.