Observation 4026159: CAS-6 (44881)

Regarding Observation 4026159

This sounds like an FM reception. But it shuold be SSB.
Am i right?

Yes… there is no specific USB demodulator in SatNOGS at the moment. The default demodulator that runs if a mode is unknown is the FM Demod, which is what has happened in this case.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for your reply. Why not copy the CW-demod and just call it USB. As i presume that the CW-demod is using upper sideband. Just turn of morse decoding. It is not perfect but IF someone is spot on frequency they are heard. And let that demod sit on midpassband freuency.
73 Geoge

Yes, the CW demod is pretty much a USB demod already, and that would probably be right solution…