Observation 4012546: JY1Sat (43803) Don't understand why is voted failed

Regarding Observation 4012546

This is most likely do to the waterfall and audio length being shorter then the observation length. If this is your station I would suggest looking in the logs to see if you see and long series of "O"s anywhere, if you do then its because the station can’t keep up with the sample rate from the sdr and is dropping samples.

For reference to another user that had this issue. Is "Failed" the new "Bad"?

Hello, from what I have been told in the past is that your network took too long to upload the waterfall and or files. I’m not sure on the time allotted, others may know but the system waits… Doesn’t get anything then deems a fail… But nope there you are with a nice signal just a little late to the game… Looks good to me. Keep at it and enjoy the skies.

Thank you for your explanation. 73