Observation 4000043: STECCO (47962)

Regarding Observation 4000043
After several days away I’m looking at signals received from my node, and I see that Fredy is actively following STECCO.
I’m not sure abt the signals at about 160 / 390 secs @ - 5KHz and at about 260 / 590 secs @ +5 KHz… I had seen similar emissions in past observation, but this is clearly “doppler compensed”.
It’ s really STECCO on 2 different frequency (well specular over the nominal frequency) ???

@i3vfj, yes both signals belong to STECCO. STECCO has some power issues:

I’m still scheduling actively STECCO as team tries to find out what happens by trying different scenarios and SatNOGS observations are very useful according to them.