Observation 3966123: SEEDS II (32791)

Regarding Observation 3966123


The signal is now centered with an adequate ppm correction.

Data has been recorded: is it possible to know if these are valid?

At the waterfall, are the strength and quality of the signal sufficient as it is ?

You still appear to be getting some drift during the observation. This may be the satellite, but it’s more likely your RTLSDR.

What model RTLSDR are you using? Does it have a TCXO? If not, I would highly recommend upgrading to one with a TCXO, as the ‘regular’ crystal ones drift badly as they heat up during an observation.

Hello !

I use this rtlsdr: 820T2 (blue key)

I am not sure that it integrates a tcxo chip.

I started Satnogs with what I had at home to see.

I’m actually planning to change this dongle to this one:

Seems like a good choice to me, but I’m not a specialist.
Maybe you have another suggestion?

The RTLSDR v3 dongles are good for this application. I use a few.

I suspect the ‘blue’ rtlsdr may not have a TCXO…


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