Observation 392763: ELFIN-A (43617)


Regarding Observation 392763 …Looks like there is something, but off frequency?


Nah, this would be a different satellite (judging from the curve of its doppler shift)


Absolutely right! The ELFINs are pretty accurate on their frequencies but are very weak because they are spinning really fast. This is part of the experiment they carry. From our data it looks like at least ELFIN-A is in safe mode, but I have to contact the team again to be sure!


I have seen Elfin B but not A on my system before. Thanks for the help anyway. Very much appreciated.

https://network.satnogs.org/observations/403354/ got a hit!

and decoded! :slight_smile:


On this point it would be nice if there is like a discussion forum for each satellite? so you can read through its history?


There will be soon a category for this :wink: