Observation 3883509: FUNCUBE-1 (39444)

Regarding Observation 3883509

Seems like a strong signal. But no data.
What can i do to improve?

73 Göran

I seem to remember that there is no appropriate demodulator and/or decoder for the funcube satellites. Someone with more knowledge will correct me if I’m wrong, though.


Correct. No-one has implemented the Funcube telemetry framing.

The audio from the observation can be replayed into the Funcube Telemetry Dashboard software and decoded however.

Thanks for info. I learn something every day.

People do add their own post-observation scripts. Like this one:

Perhaps @PE0SAT will share the method with us? 73s C

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Off course @drchrisbridges

Currently there is some development being done by SA2KNG that opens up the ability to integrate other decoding solutions. In this case we are using gr-satellites and the satnogs-flowgraphs development release with some additional manual configuration.

Basically we are using the gr-satnogs IQ out, after doppler correction and feed that to another decoder.

You need to be familiar with (*)nix, shell scripts, python and code interoperability if you want test this solution.

All the best.