Observation 3881576: KSU-Cubesat (99720)

Regarding Observation 3881576
Please do you used FM or USB/LSB mode.

Is this a request for using FM or USB/LSB for KSU-Cubesat? If yes, why to do so? The current GMSK one is demodulated and gives several frames.

Thank you so much for your reply.
I mean the mode in the receiver “Icom-9100”, I choose the “FM” or “USB” mode.

I demodulated the sound that you are upload using the soundmodem without any problem.
I tried to receive signals directly from ksu_cubesat and really it is my first time to track cubesats, I tried to configure the Icom 9100 and I don’t have a good idea how to tuning the receiver. I follow the instruction in the manual of the radio but unfortunately I don’t receive any signals.