Observation 3847208: CANYVAL-C 2U (99731)

Regarding Observation 3847208

Dear @fredy,

It seems that the frequency of CANYVAL-C 2U is wrong since this observation.
Would you correct the frequency to 437.500 MHz for 2U?
(The frequency of CANYVAL-C 1U is 436.330 MHz)
Thank you again for your dedications!
Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:
Best Regards,

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Thanks for noticing it, it was a copy paste error when I added the new 4k8 transmitter. Now is fixed and all the future observations are changed to the fixed frequency.

Should it be 437.5 or 436.5? It appears to be corrected to 436.5 MHz. Old observations used 437.5, but I dunno if that was correct.

Oops you are right! My bad, fixed now! THANKS!

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