Observation 3823727: WARP-01 (99776)

Regarding Observation 3823727

Signal is from UNISAT-6,

Hello Fredy-san,

I am Akihiro from WARPSPACE Inc who developed WARP-01.
Thank you for trying to receive the signal from WARP-01.
Unfortunately, as you know, we have not succeed to receive the signal from WARP-01 yet.
The cause of trouble may be battery or antenna deployment failure.
The status of WARP-01 would be low power mode or trying antenna deployment.
So, if WARP-01 succeed to deploy the antenna and get sufficient power, she can transmit CW signal.
The current hope for us is receiving the CW signal from her during she is in illumination time.
Thank you so much for trying to receive.
We hope we can receive the signal from her.

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Hi @akihiro and welcome!

Will keep trying to catch WARP, do you have any dates on when it will be in illumination time?

This wouldn’t be possible without the awesome SatNOGS community(all the station owners, operators, contributors etc)!

Let’s keep watching! :slight_smile:

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