Observation 3818587: CANYVAL-C 2U (99731)

Regarding Observation 3818587

Hello, Fredy.

Would you share the audio record for us?


Best regards

@hrkim all the observations have the audio available publicly. You can click the Audio button under the polar plot and get the audio file. Just have in mind that the audio is compressed and shorter in bandwidth comparing to the initial IQ data that due to their size we currently can not keep.

By the way this is a very low pass, and there isn’t any sign from the satellite, I don’t expect find anything there.

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Hello, @fredy

I hope to get any information from the data. Thank you for your advise.

Anyway, Chosun Univ. got the communication between GS in Korea and KMSL. I hope to get the beacon of Chosun Univ soon.

Thank you for your kindness and support.

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Dear @fredy

I’m Geuk-Nam Kim, the leader of the CANYVAL-C project.
Thank you for this dedication tracking our satellites.
We’re trying to identify our satellites, Timon & Pumbaa, following the observations.

Anyway, would you update our transceiver information & TLE for tracking?
The baud rate of both satellite is 4800 bps (not 9600 bps).
Then, the expected & candidate TLEs are as follows, which is provided by the launch service;

  1. Expected TLE (from the measured deployment satellite stack state vector)
    1 47931U 99999TP 21081.44135417 0.00000000 00000-0 00000-0 0 9990
    2 47931 97.5957 345.6131 0019813 247.3537 79.8469 15.05556663 09

  2. Candidate TLE
    1 47941U 21022K 21082.79382344 -.00000062 00000-0 00000+0 0 9993
    2 47941 97.5605 346.6491 0021161 253.9107 199.1971 15.05573374 164

Best Regards,

Hi @geuk-nam welcome to the community,

Thank you for the information. For the 9600 we were based on page 37, 40 and 59 as it was the only public source.

I’ve created new transmitter for 4800 and deactivated the old ones, also all the future observations were changed to this new transmitter.

About the TLE until now we were following OBJECT G(47938) which is almost identical in this stage with the OBJECT K(47941). Still is too early to say who is who, as all the objects are too close and for some of them there isn’t any signal. Let’s keep watching!

PS we are following the whole launch in this thread Soyuz-2.1a / Fregat Baikonur launch 2021-03-22T06:07 UTC.