Observation 3770778: GuaraniSat-1 (99774)

Regarding Observation 3770778

I can hear (but not proficient enough in CW to decode) morse starting just prior to the 300s mark, frequency is shifting so guess could be another satellite in similar orbit ? @fredy what do you think ?

Won’t tag as “Good” yet until Fredy who scheduled pass gives it a look.

Hi @hughhalf,

This is one of the exceptions where you expect the signal not to be in a straight line. This happens because the satellite is recently deployed and we don’t have accurate TLE. Specifically in this case, this satellite (with its 2 siblings that transmit on the same frequency) has been deployed yesterday from ISS and we use ISS TLE set for them, this is why you see this curve. So, if you check the history of the observation from the time that the satellite was deployed, you will be confident to vet it as having signal in waterfall.

Nice one Fredy, thanks for the explanation, I’d vaguely wondered if it might be something like that after I read the project page that mentioned they’d only recently deployed. Very cool!