Observation 370933: SNUGLITE (99927)

Regarding Observation 370933

Dear Cyberops,
Thank you for your interests in SNUGLITE!
The TLE information is now AD for SNUGLITE.
It would help you to improve your successrate.
By the way, if you upload any SNUGLITE telemetry, we will really appreciate it.
Thank you!!

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Hi @snuglite ,

The (tentative) association of a satellite in SatNOGS to an object with a given NORAD ID is done by the SatNOGS Ops team, and the data is used for all SatNOGS stations.

  • in SatNOGS SNUGLITE is associated to object 43786 / 2018-099AE currently
  • for @cgbsat SNUGLITE was best matched by 43786 / 2018-099AE (source, doppler measurements of 437.275 MHz signal)
  • for @ve7til SNUGLITE was best matched by 43784 / 2018-099AC (source, doppler measurements of 437.275 MHz signal)

Is your identification that SNUGLITE is object 43785 / 2018-099AD tentative or conclusive?

With kind regards,


Object 43786 / 2018-099AE was conclusively associated to ITASat-1 by Celestrak.
AOS at a next pass for my location for 43784/43785/43786 would be 19:48:29 / 19:48:30 / 19:48:11.
So the difference between the two remaining candidates (43784/2018-099AC & 43786/2018-099AD) is still a mere second.

@fredy: We could change SNUGLITE to follow either object 43784/2018-099AC or 43785/2018-99AD now, or wait until we have a conclusive identification.


I’ve changed from 43786 to 43784 the norad id we use to get the TLEs for SNUGLITE.
The change of its temporary norad id will be done after a conclusive identification.


Thank you for your kind response.
Now, the azimuth and elevation angles of AE, AC, AD are similar within 5 degrees.
By the way, we have analyzed our GPS data to select TLE.
AC and AD are the best TLEs among 64 objects.
Therefore we recommend to use AC or AD.