Observation 3704493: PROSPERO (5580)

Hi, Could i please get some feedback on this Observation as I’m getting the same results on all the passes but I’m reluctant to mark them as with signal because i don’t know what the signal is supposed to resemble.


Regarding Observation 3704493

Are there any ‘trusted Good’ observations of Prospero? I see some ‘good’ observations here: https://network.satnogs.org/observations/?future=0&good=1&bad=0&unknown=0&failed=0&norad=5580

… but I have no idea what the signal should actually look like. At only 2048 baud I’d expect it to be narrower than what’s observed in your observations.

On @PE0SAT’s blog, they note that ORBCOMM also transmits on this frequency: https://www.pe0sat.vgnet.nl/satellite/sat-history/prospero/
So it’s possible that what you are seeing is just some other satellite. It’s also possible that what you’re seeing is local noise in a certain direction.

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As I mention in my blog post, we need an original Prospero or similar example to be sure this is being send by that old satellite. And even then, through time it is possible the onboard radio has failed and is sending something completely different.

On the other hand, the signal isn’t random, it seems to have a ‘man made’ rhythm.

So it is difficult to determine if these are coming from Prospero and are valid observations. Maybe someone with a better antenna setup can give a try.

I got the following reply on twitter https://twitter.com/Zarya_Info/status/1366694063974608901 after I asked for some additional information

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Thanks for the reply.

Local Noise is out for sure as it’s not on my other observations in that direction and being a Ham I’ve check with a portable loop and Uda Antenna around my remote area for interference and I’m happy to say it’s very quiet here.

I agree with the 2048 baud as being narrow so maybe the sat is quiet and other Observations of the sat can’t be confirmed.


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