Observation 369371: CubeSail-1 (99943)

Regarding Observation 369371

There appears to be CW around the 300s mark (on the right side of the waterfall), but the audio isn’t showing anything (I’m thinking because it was demodulated for gmsk?). Are IQ files available for observations?

CubeSail-1 isn’t transmitting CW - only 9k6 FSK from what i’ve heard… the CW signal is probably another sat…

I agree, it’d be interesting to see what it decodes to but I don’t see a way to check with just the demodulated audio and waterfall plot. The waterfall pattern looks very similar to what I would expect ISX’s CW to be (with the sidebands), but the frequency is way off for that.

Similar CW beacons are seen in observations 370369 and 370370, the audio for these two shows a CW message, most likely “OM0ODB”. If so, this is the callsign for a repeater in Bratislava, Slovakia, quite close to station OM1LD who provided the 3 observations, however, OM0ODB’s registered RX/TX freqs are nowhere near the CubeSail TX freq.
So, CW origin is still unkown but I guess it’s from the ground, not from a sat.

Beacon from 370369:

I have myself been chasing CubeSail for 2 days now with my non-Satnogs receiver, no signal over northern Europe so far.

Any loud repeater near by will easily swamp the SDR. I had a problem with an FM repeater getting loud on a Fox-1A observation on my station.

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