Observation 368173: NO-84 (40654)

Regarding Observation 368173

I’ve been getting several NO-84 passes like this scheduled over the last few days. Not sure why this is happening, as my minimum elevation is defined as 10°.

Is this because the remainder of the pass would have exceeded 10°, but the station was previously scheduled for another pass (which had higher priority, ie was scheduled before this pass)? Any way to automatically remove these types of truncated passes if they don’t ever reach my minimum elevation?


There was a regression introduced by Dec 10th refactoring on the code of scheduling which resolved yesterday (around 15:00 UTC). This regression allowed some of the partial passes to be scheduled through the observation/new page.

As the observation you linked was for today but probably scheduled before the fix, I’m not sure if it was due to the regression or due to another issue.

Please if you still continue to see this issue let me know in this topic in order to check it further.

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