Observation 3658707: FOX-1E (99758)

Regarding Observation 3658707

Please check if this is a good Observation as I can see signal in the waterfall at approx 350-360 seconds when the sat was directly over head.


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It could be but it is too faint to say for sure. Also on the other stations at the same time, nothing is visible.

Thanks Fredy.

My station tracked the Sat with the Yaesu G5500 Rotor, Yagi antenna 8dBi, Nooelec LaNA Preamp and RSP1A SDR which has been giving me great result so far.
I’ll keep checking the observations.


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I’ve seen a similar signal in https://network.satnogs.org/observations/3658705/ however in this case at the top there is some noise that looks like the signal observed at the middle.

Given that you use rotator and at the high elevation satellite moves faster, I think that this may be noise from the electronics of the rotator. However with a quick search I did on other observations, I didn’t find any similar “noise”. Let’s keep watching it.

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