Observation 3636742: CACTUS-1 (99759)

Regarding Observation 3636742

I noticed that Cactus-1 is still linked to the TLE for 47311U / 2021-002C . But that ID is now linked to RADFXSat-2.

As of today, there’s still 5 unknowns from that launch. 99760 - PIC-A and 99761 - PIC-B, Q-PACE, TECHEDSAT 7 and CACTUS-1. It looks like the PIC satellites have the correct TLE (they’re both close to each other). Leaving 3. 2 of the 3 are 3U’s. While TechedSat 7 is a 2U.
2 of the TLE’s seem close(ish) 2021-002M (47320) and 2021-002D (47312).

Would it be possible to switch the TLE’s for CACTUS-1 to , say 2021-002D / 47312? It’s the front sat, but a pass may overlap if a station has an omni antenna.

The truth is that I haven’t seen any solid data that shows RADFXSat-2 is 47311.

Anyway I’ve just changed CACTUS-1 to follow 47312 in DB and Network.

Thanks for the analysis!


AMSAT are happy that 47311 is RADFXSAT-2.

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Thanks for the link! Unfortunately it is just an announcement, no observation data published, and due the status of the satellite we are not able to confirm it. Until something is changed, we are going to follow this NORAD ID in DB and Network but not confirm the identification.