Observation 3618506: METEOR M-2 (40069)

Regarding Observation 3618506

Looks great! What I do not understand - this is data recorded in VHF, but your station is equipped with an UHF turnstile. Was the data really obtained with this antenna or did you change it?


Hi Christian,

Yes, that is an observation on my station. I was using a V-dipole in the attic for VHF. Later I changed to the UHF turnstile, because there are more satellites on UHF then on VHF.

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Hi Eelke,

Quite impressive. I was hoping to find a solution that allows me to observe on UHF and VHF. My station is up only for three days. I am currently using a discone scanner antenna, which I would like to replace with something better: Just not sure what this will be. I found your explanation on how to decode METEOR M-2 image data. Is that still the procedure of choice or ist there some shortcut? I am a bit hesitant to change anything on my satnogs client as it is working fine right now.

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Hi, there are of course lots of antennas to choose from. I got mine from Vinnant, and they also have set for both VHF and UHF:

And some stations are using a RF splitter that combines both antennas to one SDR. But I don’t have any experience with this.

No, there is not yet an easier way to get METEOR-M2 decoding. It is a lot of fiddling to get working, but several people have managed it.

Thx a lot Eelke. Okay, then I will try this fiddling. Thank you also for the Turnstile link. That looks quite interesting!