Observation 349260: 3CAT-1 (99901)

Regarding Observation 349260

I see that the TLE is not updated.
I’m very new to this webpage and I don’t know how to request a new TLE. The latest from Space-Track is:

1 43743U 18096AA 18338.09047622 .00001367 00000-0 55691-4 0 9995
2 43743 97.4859 43.0887 0016866 311.8602 109.9288 15.26133248 746

The TLE used on those observations is totally outdated, giving a very big error on AOS (>15 mins)


The TLE used in the linked observation was fetched 20 hours before the pass, so it should’ve been sufficiently accurate (unless Celestrak returned an old TLE).

TLEs are fetched automatically from Celestrak at least once a day.

I just checked, at the moment the TLE for 3CAT-1 is only 6 hours old, so the mechanism works:

For 3CAT-1 we use the TLEs of the object with COSPAR designation 2018-096AA / NORAD ID 43743 at the moment. As the satellites from this launch were in the orbit for some time now, were you already able to definitely ID 3CAT-1 being object 43743?

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