Observation 348868: VisionCube (99930)

Regarding Observation 348868
The observation was scheduling using a pre-launch TLE.
Overlay of the expected doppler curve with the post-launch TLE for this launch (taken from 349582) yields:

Image created using the ikhnos code by @fredy


The TLE provided by the launch supplier is follows,

1 43758U 18099A 18337.80370529 0.00000000 00000-0 00000-0 0 9990
2 43758 97.6913 47.2054 0012666 260.5031 20.7110 14.94923662 01

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Thanks for posting!
Using your TLE the script produces the same picture as posted above, which is expected since the different objects have very similar orbits right now. Just for the sake of completeness I also run the script using all the (currently) six objects listed by Celestrak (see Celestrak: tle-new (source will change!)), and they also return all the same picture as above.