Observation 346074: DIWATA-2 (43678)

Regarding Observation 346074

With the news today about the Diwata-2 FM transponder being switched on, I searched for “good” observations to see what the downlink should look like.

It appears that almost every single “good” diwata-2 observation is actually bad. Some are auto-vetted as “good”, but there is no CW to be found. Some are manually vetted as “good”, but there is no CW to be found. And at least one has CW that appears to be from another satellite (CAS ?) that was manually vetted as good. Unfortunately, one of them is a CW recording of actual FM (or it appears like that), so you can’t understand the qso.

Anyhoo, no skin in this game - but it might be worthwhile cleaning these up? I noticed that the button option is available for me to mark it as bad - but I’m not sure if that works (if I have permission to re-vet a manually vetted observation), and it also seems like really bad form…



Go ahead and re-vet as you see fit. If you have permission then you have permission for a reason :wink: (logged-in user with a station online).

Auto-vetting is indeed an issue with false CW demodulations for now :frowning:

What do you mean by that?

I guess I mean that it could insult some. Maybe not?

Not at all :slight_smile: we are all in good faith. Just make sure you read the guidelines and ask any questions you have.