Observation 3413110: CUTE-1 (27844)

Regarding Observation 3413110

Any reason it is Failed?

The reason is that the scheduled duration is 12min and 51s and the audio duration is 8min and 17s. If you vet the waterfall to good then the observation status will change to good.

There were no other observations scheduled that time which might affect the timings, how it can be different? I understand that I can vet the observation to good, I just want to find out if it is something wrong with my station/config. I might be spending too much time striving for perfection, let me know if I should take it easy :slight_smile:

Maybe it is a bug on client software or in the gnuradio flowgraphs or it could be also something specific to the sdr device.

Please copy/paste here the result of “Advanced -> Support” from sudo satnogs-setup.

As we are still in a transition for vetting, I think taking it easy is the best way for now at least to whatever has to do with vetting. :slight_smile: