Observation 3410003: STRAND-1 (39090)

Regarding Observation 3410003

I was away for a few months and restarted my ground station. I have my old notes on which satellites are easy to observe and decode and noticed that Satnogs decodes more data for many satellites.

Is this from improvements in specific GNU radio decoding?

These are my obs of Strand-1. Suddenly I see 26 frames where I was lucky to get 1 before, on similar quality observations. Exact same hardware except I used the gold color space blanket instead of silver lol!


I cannot find recent details on Strand-1. I was wondering if it is still operated from the Android Google Nexus phone or the traditional computer, etc.

Even CW signals such as those from the three BIRDS are more accurate. Previously I had to do it by hand and ear as Satnogs was unreliable; I see the value in checksums.

Thank you for improving the demoding and decoding! I want to learn more about this and help if I can.