Observation 3381182: NOAA 19 (33591) -- I have demodulated data!

Regarding Observation 3381182

I have demodulated the data here, and can provide a minorFrames.txt file.

I do not know how to vet or how to post this.


We’d like to see it if you post it here.

The owner/operator of the station can get the data uploaded with the observation. Do you have your own station?
You are welcome to schedule mine or ask let me know what to schedule. I’d like to know how you demoded it too.

Below are my notes to manually add data files, images, etc to an observation.



Manually adding data files notes:
satnogs_1330217_2019-12-08T02-01-14.oggwaterfall_1330217_2019-12-08T02-01-14.png data_1291706_2019-11-30T21-49-34

For txt files: Use end-timestamp of signal for file name, no txt extension. I think for data that means the time is time the last piece of data was received.


$ scp data_1293181_2019-12-01T04-18* pi@192.168.222.nnn:~
$ sudo cp data_1293181_2019-12-01T04-18* /tmp/.satnogs/data
// data is often automatically removed once uploaded, but if you need to clean up:
$ rm data*