Observation 3285811: GRIFEX (40379)

Regarding Observation 3285811

Hello… I’m currently on Testing and was doing some observations at different Azimuths and found one, or more of my observations needing vetting. When I went to do my vetting homework looking for signals in the waterfall I had found that one had been vetted by “mxl_operators” from University of Michigan, I think. Is this a case of we both did an observation and doubled on the vetting? It’s happened before with the same vetting from mxl_operators. Thanks

I believe any station owner can vet observations of other stations. There’s no ‘double’ vetting - It’s just that the most recent vetting result is what is shown/used.

Oh I see… Hmmm… I just tried to vet a few others stations observations and was not given the option to, only the “unknown” label was present with no check or X… This is all okay though just didn’t realize this as my station is in test mode. Cool project in any case and I’m learning so that’s a plus. Thanks for the help.

Hi, thanks for tracking GRIFEX! It’s our satellite and we occasionally go through the passes to look at downlinks. We review the unknown passes. This usually happens when we are in zoom meeting that are lasting too long!