Observation 3262769: CAS-4B (42759)

Regarding Observation 3262769 …I wonder why I am no longer decoding any telemetry? SatNOGS-client.service is running on a Pi 3B. I am using an RTL-SDR and a turnstyle antenna. This set up previously decoded around the clock until it just stopped one day. I updated/upgraded the Pi and re-started SatNOGS-client.service, but I am getting nothing. Does anyone have any advice?

Check the logs for errors by running journalctl -f -u satnogs-client.service.
Also copy paste here the result of Advanced -> Support from sudo satnogs-setup.

What about the output of this command sudo journalctl -f -u satnogs-client.service ?

My station seems to be working again. I updated some stuff and Autoscheduler has been scheduling some observations.

Which tool displays the polar plots on the top monitor?

73, Norbert

The error message was pretty clear, there was no connection possible.

And if I may, next time don’t use a picture but a cut and past of the message.

The satellite track function from SDR Console.

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