Observation 3225203: JY1Sat (43803)

Regarding Observation 3225203

How can I decode the funcubes with satnogs?

I don’t see the light…Help

You can either use an external demodulator/decoder or customize your client to use one or create one for gr-satnogs/satnogs-flowgraphs.

The observation you linked uses a customized client by @SA2KNG.

Disclaimer: Customizations on client side that don’t end up to be merged in the main project may not be compatible with future updates of client. Please proceed with caution. :slight_smile:

This is the project I’m working on https://github.com/kng/satnogs_gr-satellites

Use with care, as it (for now) requires modification of the flowgraphs, the installed versions must absolutely match.
Hopefully the UDP sinks gets into the main branch in the near future.

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Why is not included in satnogs? I planned to be included?

Everything depends on how many people work on the project, how much time they can spend on the project and what are the priorities of the project. All of these parameters are a big trade-off that needs to be balanced.

As for planning, there is an ongoing plan to create demodulators and decoders in satnogs-flowgraphs and gr-satnogs for all the satellites that share their modulation and encoding parameters, however, due to the factors I described above, is not clear when this will be implemented. Any contribution that follows contributing guide of each project, is more than welcome.

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