Observation 3185346: CAS-4B (42759)

Regarding Observation 3185346
Hey, Could this be real data decoded or just the “audio” that seemed to be picked up… Which could be local interference?

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tl;dr This is a result of noise.

These data are what we call “noise frames”. As for CW mode, there isn’t a good way to verify a received frame, it is difficult for demodulator/decoder to tell if the data are valid or not. So, there are cases where noise passes the processing of demodulator/decoder and shows up like a frame. Here we have one of these cases.

By the way, in the 99,9% of cases that we have valid data frames, you should see the signal of the satellite in waterfall. For recognizing if there is signal or not, take a look, if you haven’t, on the rating guide.