Observation 307780: Stars-AO (99974)

So far my station doesn’t recieve anything but what could be the reason, if something like Observation 307780 happens? Does this happen more often or is it caused by the hackrf I am using? I’m new here so sorry for dumb questions.

Looks like local noise signal. Have you tried one of NOAA sats.? they almost always transmit a strong signal.

Sadly the NOAA satellites don’t have the right frequenz for my ground station. It happens just sometimes, the other observations almost don’t show anything (and no signal) and I have rotators (which rotate the antenna pretty rough, could this be the problem?).
And one more thing: during the observations the journalctl commant shows a bunch of o’s which I guess comes from a too slow computer an gnu radio but shouldn’t be too bad.

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This is exactly the issue, check also this post. Unfortunately rpi (if you use this) is not (cpu) strong enough to work with hackrf, not at least in a satisfying sample rate. This is why you get these Os, which means that gnuradio drops samples.
There are two alternatives, either you use another sdr, like rtl-sdr, or you use another more powerful pc platform.

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Ah, thanks. I will change it as soon as I can.