Observation 304004: SEEDS II (32791)

Regarding Observation 304004


I didn’t think this was a fail, but it appears some has marked it as such.
Can I please confirm this was a successful beacon track?


It looks as though that is a terrestrial signal (or a birdie). If it is a successful tracking observation, the signal should be a straight line. Note that I have no clue what the downlink from this sat is supposed to look like.

As @K3RLD said this is a terrestrial signal, however as your station returned waterfall and audio I changed this observation to bad instead of failed.

Thanks for reporting this!

PS Anyone interested, the rules for vetting are here.

Thanks for the response.
Sounds reasonable. I get a few of these, so it’s good to know it’s not a beacon.

I seem to have been marked as failed for similar tracks over the last couple of days. From one particular observer.

Thanks again for the clarification.