Observation 3015227: AAUSAT-II (32788)

Regarding Observation 3015227

Hi, I just did my first observation, and my observation status was “Unknown.” Is this observation good or not? If it’s not, what can I do to fix it?

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I’m no expert but it looks to me like just local noise.
1200 baud shouldn’t be that wide.
What are you using for an antenna?
it looked like a low altitude pass so a good antenna is important.

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I’m using a telescopic antenna and an rtl-sdr. What’s the “1200 baud”?

Looking at the details of the satellite you are observing.
The satellite is transmitting in ‘Mode MSK 1200’
MSK means Minimum Shift Keying 1200 is the rate at which the frequency is shifted to transmit data.
1200 times per second.
Perhaps a little more research into satellite observation may help you understand better.
Signals from satellites are very weak and require more than just the basic indoor antenna.

Some advice:

First, mark the observation above as “bad” (the “X” button). There appears to be no satellite in that observation.

Then, schedule some more observations, but with satellites with high success rates and passes that are higher in elevation (try to shoot for at least 45 degrees, if not higher, when testing a basic station like yours).

Maybe try a few FalconSat-3 passes, as it’s got a strong UHF downlink and you should get some good passes in Hawaii.

Let us know how it goes. Good luck!


Ahh I see. Thank you for the article.

Okay, thanks for the advice!