Observation 2993547: FIRST-MOVE (39439)

Regarding Observation 2993547

Hello everyone, I´m new to satnogs. I´ve been doing some observations with my GS and I would like to understand how to interpret the waterfall.

Thanks in advance

In this case it looks like you are just seeing local noise.
The level of the noise appears to vary throughout the observation, perhaps indicating a device turning and off.

The rest of the observations on your station are also showing noise. The only observation where I could spot any signal was on this LUSAT obs: https://network.satnogs.org/observations/2993441/
where the CW signal from it (this sat is essentially a flying signal generator at this point) is visible around 200 seconds.

I’d suggest re-evaluating your antenna, and where it is located. Given your noise levels, it is unlikely a preamplifier will help.

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