Observation 2965056: ISS (25544) -- ICARUS Animal-Tracker

Regarding Observation 2965056

Strong signals from the ICARUS Animal-Tracker Experiment on the ISS.
Frequency 468.100 MHz

Thanks for adding the transmitter to the SatNOGS database.

73 de Peter, DB2OS


@db2os do you happen to have more information about the modulation and the encoding?

Is it a transponder?

Hi Pierros,

It’s not a bent-pipe transponder, the bird transmitters are only activated through the transmitter on ISS and during certain periods… kind of CDMA… The station will also send its keplerian elements, so that the animal tracker only wake-up when in range of the ISS…

you find some information here:




Due to problems with the russian segment on the ISS, the ICARUS downlink is currently without electrical power (switched off), thus no bird tracking. They hope to re-activate the segment and the ICARUS payload in the upcoming weeks…

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ICARUS animal tracker on ISS is back online…