Observation 2948711: D-Star ONE iSat (43879) Good observation?

Regarding Observation 2948711

I have raised the gain to 20dB and have received very faint signals. Is this from the satellite or something else?

These look to be local noise.

Signals from the satellite (which will have a doppler shift varying over the observation) targeted by the observation will be doppler corrected, and hence appear at 0 Hz.
Local noise (which is fixed in frequency relative to the receiver) will ‘drift’ from left to right through the observation, as a result of this doppler correction.

Thanks for the response. I may have to move my station to a higher and clearer location then.

If you are using an RTL-SDR.com V3 dongle, increase you gain to high 30’s or low 40’s.

I have better results with my gain set higher.