Observation 2931871: NOAA 15 (25338) First Completed observation?

Regarding Observation 2931871

Got an observation scheduled and completed without error, but not sure if this has a signal in it? (I’m a newbie… :slight_smile: )

Unfortunately this looks like you are entirely swamped by local noise. On such a high elevation pass I would have expected to see something, so it suggests the local noise is very strong.

I’d suggest trying to access your SDR via the network using the procedure in the ‘Setting the gain’ guide ( https://wiki.satnogs.org/Omnidirectional_Station_How_To#Setting_the_gain ) and then cutting power to things around it.

Can you provide more details on the receive setup? What you are using? Where it’s located?

Mark VK5QI

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This is a very low sophistication setup, just getting started with the parts that I’ve got so far, so just wanted to see if anything shook out… And get my feet wet…

I’m in Hamilton in southern Ontario, Canada (a bit south-west of Toronto). It’s an RPi model B rev2 with an RTL-SDRv3 and the v-dipole antenna that came with the rtlsdr, set to 120deg horizonal, with 53.5mm elements and pointed with the open end to the south.

I set the gain in satnogs-setup to 32.8 because it was a suggested starting point on the wiki but that was just a guess. CubicSDR seems to show the noise start to increase around 20, so I’ve changed it, reapplied and will try again with another pass. Unfortunately, the apply completed just after another high pass was about to start… oh well, I’ll try again shortly.

Over the next little while, I plan to try with a better antenna and add an spf5189z LNA at the antenna , but I’m not a pro, or a ham, so these are all guesses :slight_smile:

After lowering the gain, any other pointers?

Thanks! W.

It’s sounding like you are being limited by your local noise, be it from your surroundings, or possibly from the station itself. Adjusting the gain won’t really help here, and adding a LNA won’t help either.

You really need to get the station away from noise sources, or find out what they are and disable them.

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